A Christian Assessment of Abortion Part Two, by Ean Theron

In this article we are going to assess some the arguments for abortion. There are several.
Argument One: The fetus is not a real human being; therefore, it is OK to kill.
Answer: At conception, there is a combining of 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 from the mother. This makes the unborn three things:
1. Alive. It is growing biologically.
2. Human. This living thing belongs to no class other than homosapien.
3. Individually human. It is genetically distinct from the father and mother.
The only difference between a fetus and an adult is the passage of time and the availability of adequate nourishment within a distinct, developmental paradigm. The only difference between a four-year-old and an adult is passing time and adequate nourishment within the same paradigm. To kill the unborn is to kill a real, living human being.
Even if the pro-abortion advocates were right about the fetus not being human, it is not OK to indiscriminately kill a non-human life. This argument would certainly not work if one wanted to hunt Bald-Eagles.
Argument Two: The fetus is “non-viable” outside the womb; therefore, it is OK to kill.
Answer: What is and is not viable changes from age to age and place to place. Today, in America, a fetus can survive at a very early stage outside the mother’s womb. However, this is not true of other places in the world like third-world countries. Also, the stage of viability continues to increase as we progress scientifically. What is viable today was not always viable in the past.
In addition, we are all non-viable given a certain set of circumstances. Take away our air and we quickly find out how “non-viable” we are. Viability has no logical bearing on whether or not the fetus is a live-human individual, or whether or not it is right to kill that individual.
Also, viability has nothing to do with whether or not killing something is right or wrong. A Bald-Eagle needs to develop inside the shell of its egg. Just because it cannot develop to viability outside the shell, does not make it OK to break the eggs open.
Argument Three: You cannot legislate morality; therefore; it should be legally acceptable to kill the unborn.
Answer: This is simply not true. In fact, very few laws do not legislate morality. From speed limits that regulate moral driving behaviors to international affairs that support the moral treatment of fellow human beings, all have their issues grounded in moral questions. For instance, school zones receive special treatment pertaining to speed limits because there is a special moral concern we have for children. Practically every law we have is a legislation of morality.
Argument Four: The unborn is unwanted; therefore, it is OK to kill.
Answer: This is factually wrong. There are more people every year who are looking to adopt than there are unwanted pregnancies.
Often, the unborn is wanted by one or more of the parents. There have been cases when the father was willing to raise the child, but the mother refuses to carry the baby to term. There have also been cases when the woman is pressured to get an abortion by the father of the child. We have also seen parents of these supposed unwanted children change their mind after the child is born.
It is evident that the arguments for abortion are not valid. However, does that automatically make abortion wrong? What are the arguments for keeping the unborn alive? We will answer these questions in the next Blog.


About nextluther12

Ean has a BRS, and an MTS from Columbia Evangelical Semenary. He is currently working on a doctrite from the same school. Ean was ordained to the ministry by Dr. Robert Morey in 2005. He has written a book that is not yet published called The Theology of Jesus.
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