How to Wreck your Marriage Part 1. By Ean Theron

How to Wreck your Marriage Part 1.


In this
blog I am going to systematically teach you how to wreck your marriage. I know
that this sounds strange and you may be asking yourself why I would write such
a blog. The reason I am writing this is because that is what most people persist in doing—wrecking their marriage!

Often we do this without even
thinking about it. It is almost as if it comes natural to us. The truth is that
it is natural for us. When sin entered into the world, it affected every aspect
of man, included how he relates to others. This is particularly true when it
comes to marriage.

However, by God’s grace though His
Spirit and Revelation we can overcome sins in our life. We cannot overcome all
sin in this life, but God at times does give us the ability to overcome some sins. If we monitor what it is God
wants from us in our marriage we can overcome a grate multitude of sins that
cause divorce, and we can avoid wrecking our marriage.

First, we
have to ask: what is marriage? Who instituted it, and for what reason?
Answering these questions will help us avoid wrecking our marriage. However, we
must be aware that there are alternative answers to these questions. That is
answers other than Christian answers. There have been those who will give
answers other than the way the Bible would answer these questions. Some would
say that marriage is whatever you want. It could be two guys two girls …. What
ever it is it is not (according to these people) two people of the opposite sex
making a commitment for life.

instituted marriage? According to the world, it is a result of evolutionary
processes that are designed to safely introduce our genes into subsequent
generations. So marriage is a convention of man. The communist have taken this
a step further and have said that marriage is an institution of the government
and you cannot be married without the government’s permission. Unfortunately,
in the past, some has said that marriage is a sacrament of the Church.

What is the
reason for marriage? According to the world, any definition will do. The answer
usually revolves around some type of “romantic” gratification and usually has
very little to do with what the Bible says about love and commitment.


What is the
Christian answer to these questions? And what is that people do to wreck their
marriage? Find out this and more in the next article.



About nextluther12

Ean has a BRS, and an MTS from Columbia Evangelical Semenary. He is currently working on a doctrite from the same school. Ean was ordained to the ministry by Dr. Robert Morey in 2005. He has written a book that is not yet published called The Theology of Jesus.
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